Black male bodied person stands next to female bodied person wearing red hat smiling at camera standing in front of a red wall
Pretty Boi Drag co-producer, Pretty Rik E, stands beside NPR’s 1A host, Joshua Johnson.

Co-producer Pretty Rik E was featured on NPR’s 1A with Joshua Johnson for their “Ask a Drag Queen” segment.  The segment also featured drag queens, Lena Lett, Brigette Bidet, and Bianca Del Rio. On the show, Rik E got the opportunity to talk about Pretty Boi Drag, drag kinging as an art from, and answer questions from listeners.

Elevating the art of kinging and making more audiences aware of what we do is something that is very important to Pretty Boi Drag.  We were so excited to have this platform to reach so many people who may have never heard of a drag king.  Joshua is a great host and the segment was a lot of fun!

Listen to the replay!